Tired of Going to the Laundromat?

Let us know if you need a washing machine repair in Mantua & Aurora, OH

If you have a washer at home, why are you taking your clothes to the laundromat? Save yourself some money in the long run and call Collins Connections LLC to set up a washing machine repair in Mantua or Aurora, OH. We work quickly so that you can use your washer again as early as possible.

Call us now if you've noticed leaks, unusual smells or odd sounds when you run your washer. We'll have it fixed in no time with washing machine repair services.

Avoid the dangers of faulty dryer ventilation

If you notice anything off about your dryer, act fast to get it fixed. A broken washing machine could cause major water damage, and a dryer with a faulty ventilation system could:

  • Cause a fire
  • Leak carbon monoxide
  • Lead to extremely high energy bills
Don't let a small dryer repair issue lead to serious problems. If you need a dryer repair, call 440-391-6272 today to schedule services in Mantua & Aurora, OH. We'll be thorough and make sure that your home is safe when we leave.